Park, et al. v. Zuffa, LLC, d/b/a Ultimate Fighting Championship and UFC, et al.

United States District Court
District of Nevada

Case No. 17-cv-02282-APG-VCF (D. Nev.)

15. How do I exclude myself from the Settlement?

You may exclude yourself (commonly referred to as opting-out) from being a Class Member and from the Settlement. If you timely request exclusion, you will not be bound by the judgment entered in this Action, will not be subject to the Release and will not be precluded from prosecuting any timely, individual claim against Defendants based on the conduct complained of in the Action. If you exclude yourself, however, you will not be eligible to receive a Settlement Payment.

To exclude yourself from the Settlement, you must send a signed letter by mail stating that you “request exclusion from the Settlement Class in Park, et al. v. Zuffa LLC, d/b/a Ultimate Fighting Championship and UFC, et al., Case No. 17-cv-02282-APG-VCF (D. Nev.)” by the Opt-Out Deadline. Your letter must provide your name, address, telephone number, and your signature. A copy of an Exclusion Form is available to download by clicking here. You must mail your exclusion request postmarked no later than the Opt-Out Deadline of June 8, 2018 to the Settlement Administrator at the following address:

ATTN: UFC PPV Settlement
PO BOX 30456
Philadelphia, PA 19103

You cannot exclude yourself on the phone or by e-mail. If you ask to be excluded, you will not get any settlement benefits, and you cannot object to the Settlement. However, you will not be legally bound by anything that happens in this lawsuit.

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