Park, et al. v. Zuffa, LLC, d/b/a Ultimate Fighting Championship and UFC, et al.

United States District Court
District of Nevada

Case No. 17-cv-02282-APG-VCF (D. Nev.)

16. How do I tell the Court that I do not like the Settlement?

At the date, time, and location stated in FAQ 19, the Court will hold a Fairness Hearing to determine if the Settlement is fair, reasonable, and adequate and should be approved, and to also consider Class Counsel’s request for an award of attorneys’ fees and costs and whether the Class Representatives will receive a Service Award and, if so, in what amount.

If you wish to object to the fairness, reasonableness, or adequacy of the Settlement Agreement, the proposed Settlement, or the notice regarding the same, you must send a signed letter stating that you object to the proposed Settlement to the Clerk of the Court, the Claims Administrator, Class Counsel, and Defendants at the addresses set forth below no later than (i.e., postmarked by) June 8, 2018.

Anyone, including Class Representatives, may object to settlement terms and ask the Court to reject approval of the Settlement. Your written objection must include: (a) the case name and number, Park, et al. v. Zuffa LLC, d/b/a Ultimate Fighting Championship and UFC, et al., Case No. 17-cv-02282-APG-VCF (D. Nev.); (b) the name, address, telephone number, and, if available, the email address of the Person objecting; (c) the name and address of the lawyer(s), if any, who is representing you in making the objection or any person who may be entitled to compensation in connection with the objection; (d) a detailed statement of objection(s), including the grounds for those objection(s); (e) copies of any papers, briefs, or other documents upon which the objection is based; (f) a statement of whether you intend to appear at the Fairness Hearing, either with or without counsel; (g) the identity of all counsel (if any) who will appear on behalf of you at the Fairness Hearing and all persons (if any) who will be called to testify in support of the objection; (h) a statement of your membership in the Settlement, including all information required by the Claim Form; (i) your signature, in addition to the signature of any attorney representing you in connection with the objection; and (j) a detailed list of any other objection by you, or your counsel, to any class actions submitted in any court, whether state or otherwise, in the United States in the previous five (5) years. If you or your counsel has not objected to any other class action settlement in any court in the United States in the previous five (5) years, you shall affirmatively state so in the written materials provided in connection with the objection to the Settlement. This information is requested to assist the Court in determining whether the objection is made by a professional objector seeking financial consideration for their efforts. Failing to provide this information will not affect the validity of the objection, but may result in the Court presuming that the objection is made by a professional objector.

If you intend to make an appearance at the Fairness Hearing, you must include on your timely and valid written objection a statement substantially similar to “Notice of Intention to Appear.”

You may appear through an attorney of your own choice at your own cost.

Mail the objection(s) to these three places so it is received no later than June 8, 2018:


Clerk of Court
United States District Court
District of Nevada
333 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Class Counsel

Hart L. Robinovitch
Zimmerman Reed, LLP
14646 No. Kierland Blvd., Suite 145
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Defendants’ Counsel

Jeffrey Jacobson
Kelley Drye & Warren, LLP
101 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10178

If you do not timely make your objection, you will be deemed to have waived all objections and will not be entitled to speak at the Fairness Hearing.

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